Musings in the Morning

We have experienced so many emotions in the last few weeks. We were ELATED to see our son again; it’s been five long years with snippets of time together along the way and now he is back in the states, to stay. We have spent as much time as possible with him ~ just basking in that time, sharing, laughing…. How proud I am of him and how very blessed to have been chosen to be his “MA!”.
On the other hand, there has been loss… yet we have been blessed to stand alongside of those who have lost and are so broken. I pray we can be/have been a source of comfort and strength as they travel on this pathway.
Last night we heard of a sweet precious daughter of The King who was taken from us so unexpectedly. As we spoke with another brother in Christ and prayed with him for this dear widower, we were reminded even to praise God in this moment ~ for we know not His plans ~ His ways are not our ways. We weep and yet rejoice. Sorrow may last for the night but joy… But… BUT JOY comes in the morning!
God is so faithful to us. His mercies are everlasting to everlasting.
My hubby and I went to bed weeping and sorrowful. And although we grieve, there is peace. A peace that passes all understanding only to be found in Christ.
Thank you Abba Daddy for Your Word.  For the truths in Your Word.
This morning we woke in that peace and with that joy. There was a song in my heart. A new song. Words of Thanksgiving, of glory, and of praise flowed into my soul blending with the tune.  A strong need/desire to pen them. A reluctant obedience to record….
In the storm may we be ever grateful and full of praise for He alone is Worthy.
Go forth and be blessed today!

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