Hi. My name is Cindy. I’m a blessed mama and “Gramma”; it’s one of life’s greatest treasures. I often find myself dreaming of a simpler life… Perhaps we could call it Retro Dreaming. I don’t know about you but nothing steers me away from a website faster than having to scroll through what seems like an endless page just to locate a recipe or grab some info/insight. Time is precious. Join me for occasional simple blog posts as I share moments, thoughts, dreams, laughter, recipes, how to’s, DIY’s, and so much more.

Recently we had a theft take place at our house making it the third in less than a year. I was angry, hurt, frustrated, suspicious… so many negative feelings surrounded my being. Immediately thinking of the “who done it”. Who had trespassed taking what does not belong to them?  I wanted to know who it […]


I cannot put into words what joy it brings when the privilege arises and time is spent with my children and grandchildren.  Hearing them say, “Hey Ma!….”, “Mama….”, “Grandma!….”, “Meemaw.…”  these are terms of endearment in their truest form.  Our youngest grand, and only granddaughter, has somewhere along the way chosen to call me “Meemaw”; […]

In the stillness

Three years ago I took this pic at my mom’s… As I ponder here, I’m taken back in time; feelings of longing flood my soul. Sitting at the kitchen table… a sentimental moment captured. A peaceful moment as I sipped coffee and watched through the sliding glass doors. Snow swirled in the air falling to […]


We have experienced so many emotions in the last few weeks. We were ELATED to see our son again; it’s been five long years with snippets of time together along the way and now he is back in the states, to stay. We have spent as much time as possible with him ~ just basking […]